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I am a young woman, whom lives, treks, dances and sings with pure wolves. Due to where I live not only do I have the opportunity to have viewed, studied, and experienced living, surrounded by wild born wolves, right on my own land even! But I have also forged a friendship with some captive born pure wolves at my licensed wolf outreach and eco education center in Northern Canada. They have been but one teacher in my life, and I have humbly grown over time with them. It consists of various journeys with various wildlife, and pure wolves as they be, and all their glory. Nothing is ever as great as viewing the wild in the wild, such moments never fail to bring me to my knees in awe, wonder and humble honor. To meet another sentient being on their own hallowed grounds where they belong, brings tears to my eyes. I have an undying love affair and romance with the greatest show on earth...LIFE! and wish to say Namaste' to all fellow earth aliens :0) I hope you feel most welcome here and come back to visit from time to time, perhaps leave your own thoughts and mark to remember you by. It seems that so many are in a hurry these days, and don't just sit back enough and simply BE, I provide a lot of music choices here (Just scroll through them if yee like ) I hope you enjoy your stay no matter how long. I LOVE to meet people and hear their own story. I do feel with my every being, that every morning the sun rises to refresh our souls, and every sunset is honored as a gift, for we are not granted a tomorrow. I have the now to share, and hope you catch the same wild disease. Remember in the words of Dr. Seuss Be who you are, say what you feel, because those who mind dont matter, and those who matter don't mind.

Be Most Welcome Here

Be Most Welcome Here
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wolves in the Northern Rockies Lose Important Protections

Namaste' FYI . The following release is pretty straight forward, the USFWS wish to now slaughter *half* of the *still protected* wolves in the Northern Rockies, not only will this upset family/pack balances/dynamics as wolves are very sensitive to such things, but what was the purpose of coming up to Canada, taking wolves for reintro, only to then as soon as *humans* deem the numbers to be satisfactory to turn around and then slaughter them? Although I understand the *nice* word to use is *management*. My bad *sigh*

For Immediate Release

January 24, 2008
Contact(s) Suzanne Stone, (208)424-9385 (office), (208)861-4655 (cell) Cat Lazaroff, (202)772-3270
Wolves in the Northern Rockies Lose Important Protections
New rule could allow more than half the region’s wolves to be killed
BOISE, Idaho – The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service released an updated rule Thursday governing the management of gray wolves in the northern Rockies. The rule dramatically broadens the circumstances under which these wolves may be killed, significantly reducing protections for this endangered species. The rule is separate from a current proposal to delist wolves from the Endangered Species Act, and instead governs how wolves will be managed while they remain on the federal list of threatened and endangered species.
The following is a statement from Suzanne Stone, northern Rockies wolf conservation specialist for Defenders of Wildlife regarding Thursday’s announcement.
“This is a giant step backward. Under the rule finalized today, more than 750 wolves – over half of the region’s wolf population – could be killed, even though this wolf population is still protected by the Endangered Species Act.
“Stripping away protection for our wolves is entirely unjustified. Elk and deer populations in all three northern Rockies states are at or near record highs, and nonlethal, proactive methods are helping to reduce conflicts between wolves and livestock. There is absolutely no reason to begin a wholesale slaughter of the region’s wolves. Yet that is exactly what the federal government is willing to allow the states to do: wipe out hundreds of the wolves our nation has worked so hard to recover.
“This is a scheme based on backdoor politics, not science, and it goes too far. Wolves in the northern Rockies have only recently neared a point where the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service could consider removing federal protections from them. In finalizing this rule, the Service is ignoring its responsibility to ensure the long-term survival of the region’s wolf population.
“We need to work together to reach recovery. We can only do that by creating balanced wolf management plans that ensure a stable population of wolves in the future. Unfortunately, the threat to wolves posed by this new rule leaves us no choice but to involve the courts and file a legal challenge to put a stop to this plan.”

Defenders of Wildlife is dedicated to the protection of all native animals and plants in their natural communities. With more than 1 million members and activists, Defenders of Wildlife is a leading advocate for innovative solutions to safeguard our wildlife heritage for generations to come. For more information, visit


footiam said...

Oh, you are so lucky growing up with wolves! I grow up with people!

footiam said...

This is an interesting piece of news, may post it someday in my Beautiful World! By the way, it]s so hard to leave a comment in your other blog.