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I am a young woman, whom lives, treks, dances and sings with pure wolves. Due to where I live not only do I have the opportunity to have viewed, studied, and experienced living, surrounded by wild born wolves, right on my own land even! But I have also forged a friendship with some captive born pure wolves at my licensed wolf outreach and eco education center in Northern Canada. They have been but one teacher in my life, and I have humbly grown over time with them. It consists of various journeys with various wildlife, and pure wolves as they be, and all their glory. Nothing is ever as great as viewing the wild in the wild, such moments never fail to bring me to my knees in awe, wonder and humble honor. To meet another sentient being on their own hallowed grounds where they belong, brings tears to my eyes. I have an undying love affair and romance with the greatest show on earth...LIFE! and wish to say Namaste' to all fellow earth aliens :0) I hope you feel most welcome here and come back to visit from time to time, perhaps leave your own thoughts and mark to remember you by. It seems that so many are in a hurry these days, and don't just sit back enough and simply BE, I provide a lot of music choices here (Just scroll through them if yee like ) I hope you enjoy your stay no matter how long. I LOVE to meet people and hear their own story. I do feel with my every being, that every morning the sun rises to refresh our souls, and every sunset is honored as a gift, for we are not granted a tomorrow. I have the now to share, and hope you catch the same wild disease. Remember in the words of Dr. Seuss Be who you are, say what you feel, because those who mind dont matter, and those who matter don't mind.

Be Most Welcome Here

Be Most Welcome Here
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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Songs of the captive /(wild)

(Photo above of Tibet Night Song at A Wolf Adventure; A Wild Insight)

The other morning was beyond words, I even hesitated writing about this experience cause it was well beyond words, but since that is how we ***typically*** communicate to the world for the most part, ***through words*** I'll do my best.

Early morning setting I step outside and hear only my darling tibet howling everyone else is silent, the sun is shining brilliantly sooo bright I glance to the side and see a flash of dark in front of my eyes for a second, I know I need glasses today! The snow is literally on fire with dazzling breath taking diamonds and sky so blue I wish I could swim in it. The trees all look like they have tinsel like at x-mas wrapped around them they are sparkling so bright.

I then hear tibet suddenly stop singing and in the distance but still on my land, by one of the private lakes I back out here , I hear a familiar sound, a haunting echo. This is no coyote shriek!! My mouth opens as the call stops and Tibet starts up to return the greeting to the wild lone wolf on my land. None of my other wolves are even joining in they are all listening too ! like they are content to witness the communication and not interrupt.
(Photo of Tibet Night Song howling)

Coyote songs are always abound and around up here but the wolves never respond to *them*in kind, they completely ignore them, I swear they think the yotes are a lesser form of themselves, talk about snobs eh? hahaha.

As Tibet calls back to the lone traveller, she then stops to eagerly await the wild wolfs song, and just as if perfectly timed he/she responds back in kind. I feel tears well up into my eyes. I cannot explain this feeling. It is witnessing my captive born friend tibet singing and communicating with a wild born lone wolf. It is nearing breeding season this time of year so the animal is no doubt searching for a mate, and pack of it's own. Tibet is by herself everyone else out here has a mate/enclosure friend. The two have bonded through all barriers one captive born one wild born.
Then as my awe, and amazement starts to settle I feel fear fear and dread for the animals very safety and well being. For you see out here where I live a gun is not that far away, many shoot wolves in the wild on sight, it is why I know the work I do educating youth is so important for they they can help to be the animals voice in the future and continue where I may leave off someday.

I pray little lone wolf you will be safe, that you will outsmart those beings who feel they are the smartest of the smart, that you will stay in the shadows during the day and not come into the light to be taken out of this beautiful world simply out of fear and hatred , ignorance can wreak so much havoc. I worry for you this sunny day and will continue to. If only everyone could truly understand you and your world, and not judge what you are about. For those moments of song that you shared with a little captive born wolf I shall never forget they will linger forever in my soul. Thank you for the honor of listening to your song , lone wolf traveller gods speed on your journeys for a wild born life is one of enduring hardship. That I do know.

I walk over to Tibet and she howls at me, which launched into crying, whining, darting her tongue in submission and putting her paw up in a friendship, to greet my own. I sat with her, she kisses me in delight, and though I am saddened she can never be truly free, as captivity is all she has ever known, I also know her life will never be as hard as her lone wolf friend. She will never have to face going hungry, being hunted. dying of parasitic infections, or being displaced due to encroachment on habitat. Quite ironically she is free... but not. Just as the little lone wild wolf is free... but not. Both worlds have their pros and cons, both worlds on the edge.
Metta fellow earth travellers
(Photo of Tibet Night Song with a message)


Walt said...

Splendid! You have excellent taste, and you know how I love music. It is a real joy in life, to find people who feel and think much the same. Here is a Youtube link to a very wise fellow from my grandmother's tribe.
He is such a good orator, I almost feel like I know him.

sky said...

Ha ha, your so talented at talking with music aren't you Walt ;0) thanks this was tres cool! :0)

sky said...

I should add the music of speech, this mans talk sounded like music to me. I was transfixed Walt, I wanted to really thank you for sending this to me. :0) I feel like I know him too, and you never know... you may have. Thus the beauty of life.

Gale Rainwater said...

Hello Sky I loved this post. You did an exceelent job in the writing and your expressions. I hope all is well with you. I had found this online and thought you might enjoy it, if you haven't already seen it.

KOSTAS said...

Nymph is also ancient Greek word and means * girl beautiful small deity of waters, rivers of forest, lakes and sea of *. You of course is sky, still more original and beautiful.
NĪ¬maste it is also Greek word that it means: * Here we are *. And mettĪ¬ also it is Greek word that it means * later *.
I thank for visit in my blog. Surely and the bird left!
And yours blog are marvellous with exceptional photographs marvellous music and amazing comments.
Slideshow splendid.
I consider the persons that deal with the wild animals, very capable, and particular the women that from their nature him they fear.
Your faculty in the writing and the most excellent handling of words, you do not leave to go lost, exploiter.
Congratulation !!!

The Sparrow said...

I am glad you came and read thru my lines - neither i can afford the luxury of publishing nor i can reach many people to spread the goodwill and discuss the true meaning of life.

Today when I checked my blog - i found your comments which felt all over me like the cool morning wind which flows across a thousand miles and paints your your face and body.

I do not know if I can ever afford to travel and meet you - as i like what you do and the place you stay - so close to mother nature :)

Meditation is the "only way" but not if you restrict your mind - I will write my thoughts on these very soon - I have so much to say but so little means - my friends helped me travel to uk, us, israel, singapore, amsterdam, paris to discuss life and spirituality - but sometimes i do feel tired. I wish some day I will sure meet you and spend some good time and exchange beautiful thoughts.

The Sparrow.

Walt said...

Sky, you are one of a kind, the wolves are fortunate to have you as their champion.

I once tryed to visit your country but at the border they inspected my car and found some stray bullets in my trunk that had been there for at least two years. The idiot inspectors accused me of smuggling guns, kept me a prisoner for two hours then sent me back when they could find nothing to charge me with. I love the people we are all the same, but I hate both our governments.

Carol said...

Sky, wonderful to see your photos and read your beautiful description of your surroundings. The closest I come to wolves here in Australia is to have a wolf calender each year and to really appreciate each monthly wolf. Educating young people about wolves is a great thing to be doing.

sky said...

Namaste' Walt! so what you are a marked man now? ha ha. it is true that sometimes power corrupts due to the ego,(Govt's over time have poven this from all over) or is it that the corrupt are often drawn to *extreme* power?


sky said...

Namaste' Gale thank you kindly for that, I have seen it! :0)

sky said...

Namaste' Kostas, that was beautiful to say..Namaste' is also hindi and buddhist, in my case it is used in buddhist connotations as is metta. Namaste means (the short sweet version of it) the divine energy *spirit* within me, greeting and acknowledging the same in you. It can be used in greeting or departing I do not say good-bye. Metta means loving kindness. Best!


SkyNymph said...

Namaste' Carol, I have dear friends from Australia and someday will visit. Australia is very similar (not physically similar) to canada in regards to various things, and I know would feel right at home over there amongst the people as a whole. Metta.