Wolf Maidens Greeting

I am a young woman, whom lives, treks, dances and sings with pure wolves. Due to where I live not only do I have the opportunity to have viewed, studied, and experienced living, surrounded by wild born wolves, right on my own land even! But I have also forged a friendship with some captive born pure wolves at my licensed wolf outreach and eco education center in Northern Canada. They have been but one teacher in my life, and I have humbly grown over time with them. It consists of various journeys with various wildlife, and pure wolves as they be, and all their glory. Nothing is ever as great as viewing the wild in the wild, such moments never fail to bring me to my knees in awe, wonder and humble honor. To meet another sentient being on their own hallowed grounds where they belong, brings tears to my eyes. I have an undying love affair and romance with the greatest show on earth...LIFE! and wish to say Namaste' to all fellow earth aliens :0) I hope you feel most welcome here and come back to visit from time to time, perhaps leave your own thoughts and mark to remember you by. It seems that so many are in a hurry these days, and don't just sit back enough and simply BE, I provide a lot of music choices here (Just scroll through them if yee like ) I hope you enjoy your stay no matter how long. I LOVE to meet people and hear their own story. I do feel with my every being, that every morning the sun rises to refresh our souls, and every sunset is honored as a gift, for we are not granted a tomorrow. I have the now to share, and hope you catch the same wild disease. Remember in the words of Dr. Seuss Be who you are, say what you feel, because those who mind dont matter, and those who matter don't mind.

Be Most Welcome Here

Be Most Welcome Here
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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Elusive Arctic Wild Wolves Filmed

Namaste' all! The following is amazing . If anyone gets a chance to watch this movie I am SURE you will love it but heres a sneak preview for you below, click on any of the links with the pics to watch a few clips from this spectacular journey in our Canadian Arctic.

Elusive wolves caught on camera
By Rebecca Morelle Science reporter, BBC News

White Falcon, White Wolf is on BBC Two on Friday 1 February at 2000 GMT and Sunday 3 February at 1755 GMT

click to watch First footage of wolves hunting waterfowl

Remarkable new footage of Canada's Arctic wolves has been caught on camera by a BBC crew.
The team managed to film the wolves taking to the water to hunt waterfowl - behaviour that has never been seen before, according to an expert.
Arctic wolves live in the Canadian Arctic and northern parts of Greenland; observing them is a difficult task as they rarely interact with humans.
The team followed a pack on Ellesmere Island for several weeks last summer.
This glimpse into the lives of these elusive animals was filmed for the Natural World wildlife programme: White Falcon, White Wolf, which also features other animals, including gyr falcons, Arctic foxes and snowy owls, that live on the remote island.

The wolves were filmed along with other animals on the island

Click to watch Snowy owl attack

Wolf expert David Mech, from the US Geological Survey, said: "I'd never seen wolves try to catch waterfowl before and this was interesting to see."
Usually, he said, wolves eat large hoofed animals, although they will vary their diet as circumstances dictate.
He explained: "They take advantage of whatever food opportunities are available, and in this case, these waterfowl were available, so they took advantage of trying to get them.
"I'm interested in the challenges these animals overcome to hunt their food. I've been intrigued with how the wolf manages to solve problems in so many different ways, with so many different species."

Lucky find
Ellesmere Island sits at the northernmost tip of Canada; it is only during the brief Arctic summer that the snow thaws to reveal the true features of the rugged landscape beneath.
Here, the BBC Natural History Unit tracked down a pack of eight wolves, including a dominant male and three one-year-olds.

The wolves, especially one called Lucy, were bold and playful

click to watch Inquisitive nature

Harry Hoskyns-Abrahall, assistant producer of White Falcon, White Wolf, said the team was lucky to come across the wolves almost as soon as they arrived on the island.
He told the BBC News website: "We went to this particular area because wolves had been spotted there a few years earlier.
"We were immediately encouraged when we found wolf tracks and marking posts on day one; and then the next day, we went out on the same route and we saw a wolf, which was absolutely unbelievable and very exciting."
By following the wolf and its tracks, the team was eventually able to track down a den.
"We were incredibly lucky," said Mr Hoskyns-Abrahall. "Once you've got the den, you have somewhere where the wolves are going to focus their behaviour."

The Arctic wolf is actually a subspecies of the grey wolf
In comparison it has a shorter stature but a bulkier build
Scientific name for the Arctic wolf is Canis lupus arctos
It ranges across the Canadian Arctic and north Greenland
Packs will prey on caribou, musk oxen, hares, lemmings
The crew was able to film the animals going about their daily business.
"The most incredible part was when we saw the young wolf swim out to the middle of a lake and go after the geese, we just couldn't believe that it could seriously consider getting a goose in that way," he added.
Inquisitive nature
The team was also amazed by the wolves' boldness.
"The younger wolves in the pack would come right up to us, and they would come up to our camp and empty our rucksacks - you would wake up and find your clothing spread all over the place. They were very inquisitive," explained Mr Hoskyns-Abrahall.

click to watch Arctic Wolf Diary (1)
click to watch Arctic Wolf Diary (2)

Arctic explorer Jim McNeill, who worked with the crew and kept a diary of his experiences for the BBC News website, was particularly taken with one young wolf who he nicknamed Lucy.
He said: "The highlight for me was one afternoon when the crew was off filming.
"Lucy came near the camp and I spent the best part of an afternoon with her in spectacular sunshine. We just shared a space - it felt extremely special."
He added: "I've been exploring this area for 25 years and to spend this time with these animals gave me another perspective on Arctic life.

Luck played a factor when tracking down the Arctic wolves

"To be part of the process of finding them and then capturing that footage was a fantastic feeling."
Fergus Beeley, producer of the programme, said making the film was something of an accomplishment.
He said: "Arctic wolves have been an aspiration [to film] of mine for about 15 years.
"I have a bit of a reputation for going for animals that are a tricky: filming the wolves posed the ultimate challenge.
"We didn't know where they would be 'denning', what their movements would be, so we had to do a lot of planning based on 'guestimates' - and luckily they worked out to be right."

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wolves in the Northern Rockies Lose Important Protections

Namaste' FYI . The following release is pretty straight forward, the USFWS wish to now slaughter *half* of the *still protected* wolves in the Northern Rockies, not only will this upset family/pack balances/dynamics as wolves are very sensitive to such things, but what was the purpose of coming up to Canada, taking wolves for reintro, only to then as soon as *humans* deem the numbers to be satisfactory to turn around and then slaughter them? Although I understand the *nice* word to use is *management*. My bad *sigh*

For Immediate Release

January 24, 2008
Contact(s) Suzanne Stone, (208)424-9385 (office), (208)861-4655 (cell) Cat Lazaroff, (202)772-3270
Wolves in the Northern Rockies Lose Important Protections
New rule could allow more than half the region’s wolves to be killed
BOISE, Idaho – The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service released an updated rule Thursday governing the management of gray wolves in the northern Rockies. The rule dramatically broadens the circumstances under which these wolves may be killed, significantly reducing protections for this endangered species. The rule is separate from a current proposal to delist wolves from the Endangered Species Act, and instead governs how wolves will be managed while they remain on the federal list of threatened and endangered species.
The following is a statement from Suzanne Stone, northern Rockies wolf conservation specialist for Defenders of Wildlife regarding Thursday’s announcement.
“This is a giant step backward. Under the rule finalized today, more than 750 wolves – over half of the region’s wolf population – could be killed, even though this wolf population is still protected by the Endangered Species Act.
“Stripping away protection for our wolves is entirely unjustified. Elk and deer populations in all three northern Rockies states are at or near record highs, and nonlethal, proactive methods are helping to reduce conflicts between wolves and livestock. There is absolutely no reason to begin a wholesale slaughter of the region’s wolves. Yet that is exactly what the federal government is willing to allow the states to do: wipe out hundreds of the wolves our nation has worked so hard to recover.
“This is a scheme based on backdoor politics, not science, and it goes too far. Wolves in the northern Rockies have only recently neared a point where the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service could consider removing federal protections from them. In finalizing this rule, the Service is ignoring its responsibility to ensure the long-term survival of the region’s wolf population.
“We need to work together to reach recovery. We can only do that by creating balanced wolf management plans that ensure a stable population of wolves in the future. Unfortunately, the threat to wolves posed by this new rule leaves us no choice but to involve the courts and file a legal challenge to put a stop to this plan.”

Defenders of Wildlife is dedicated to the protection of all native animals and plants in their natural communities. With more than 1 million members and activists, Defenders of Wildlife is a leading advocate for innovative solutions to safeguard our wildlife heritage for generations to come. For more information, visit

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Journey to Self

Namaste' fellow Earth Aliens! , Unseen hands I *know* are guiding me. For I *believe*, and have *faith* that is not earth bound.

Do you choose to place your attention on that which you wish to see in your life?

Do these things you choose to pay attention to and create within, then have an affect on your outer world?

Do you find the more awareness and attention you give to joy, passion, laughing, and simply enjoying, (yes this means even doing the dang dishes with soul ;0) as the feelings will come eventually as a by product of the action, ) the more these things grow?

Do you find the *more attention * you give to fear, anger, upset, and judgment, these things as well become a powerful gripping force, and more readily and easily come by?

Throughout my life I have remained open to *all* experiences, for those experiences good, and well not so good, also bring their own lessons and gifts to honor.

But I have also found myself at times, visiting darker places within, sometimes without recognizing outright I have launched myself into a world that can grace me with excruciating pain, pain however that without having allowed such an intimacy, I would never have also TRULY appreciated the many daily blessings.

I believe all sentient life has it's own life force and energy, and sharing my life with some amazing souls I want to be sure my every intent is honorable and pure, to make decisions not based on ego. That decisions are chosen purely. Is my heart heavy? or at peace with the decisions and the result rising from the action taken?

Has my intent been of an honorable nature or have I looked at what ***I*** will stand to gain from the choice?

Gaining in a negative manner comes in various forms, Be it seeking a lot of attention, (feeding insecurity/low self esteem.) Be it fame, (feeding a longing to be recognized, and acknowledged in life in such a way as to feel highly important and valuable.) Be it monetary (taking advantage of situations/circumstances to exploit, may not start out this way but the moment may be seized for financial gain) Be it basically...the ego fed in order to lift your*self* up, within your*self*, in such a way the self will thus look down on others it may deem not as *worthy*.

If such things naturally occur in my life are they come by simply, and because pure intent was followed? That steps are taken where gain is really inheriting and was a result of...and not because my ego was involved to such a degree, that the wants not the journey were a main focus in life.

Humans are ego centric (this is seen in very young children whom we have to TEACH to *share* their toys, and to TEACH it is not nice to hit Tommy with the baseball bat because he wont give them the ball) and it takes work and understanding ones own complicated workings, to forge a relationship with the self that is honest.
So does all this mean having ambition and setting goals is wrong?
Absolutely not! Setting goals helps to create focus and dedication, which can lead to exciting achievements and discoveries. I simply caution that during such a quest, due care and awarenesss is taken , so as to not lose the importance of that journey.
That success is attained through integrity.
For a few years a young M├ętis girl has come out to the Ranch, a brilliant artist (both musically and artistic wise)

(Pics taken by sky, of a couple pictures Mandy drew)

whom momentarily has put that on hold for being obsessed with boys, and texting boys, and getting all dressed up for you guessed it ...boys.

Being an artist myself

(Pics taken of a few of my tile backsplashes I design, paint, and fire up)
(This is a tiled backsplash I made for a friend of mine I call Raven, In the wolf print I have written out the Raven Prophecy ;0)

I have one thing to say to all girls out there, don't put any talents on momentary hold for ANYONE ! ;0) If one is blessed with a gift such as art, this helps add to your souls creativity, this creativity becomes a song unique to *YOU*, when you stifle your creativity you are *killing* a part of that *song* and essence.

I have seen the result of young girls/women whom have neglected their souls. Where their spirit is neglected, and becomes a dying garden. Their creativity and purpose has become lost, and the longer one goes without paying attention to this dying garden, the darker and less colorful ones world becomes. (Think brittle stems, wilted foliage, roots that cease to grow, as the food vital to survival is cut off)

Beauty is beyond the physical. Women stay away from the beauty mags, and allow your *self* to develop and evolve into TRUE beauty, not trying to be someone *else*. That energy is PRICELESS and has no barriers. It is a natural beauty undefined, that will course through your very life source.

(pic taken by sky at sunset)

I met this little girl a few years ago. At that time we'll replace the obsession she has with boys *now* at 15 , with wolves ;0) If there is one thing I am deeply passionate about besides nature, it is kids! they are sponges absorbing all they can.

(Pic taken by Lou of Sky and Mandy (Mandy at 13)
I don't want them to reach an apathetic state I have witnessed in many young people once they reach a certain age. I want them to find their own wings and not just *KNOW* their potential and capabilities, but *FEEL* that strength, to look to *all they can do*, not what they *can't*.

Not what they don't have, but what they *have*.

To not feel powerless, but power*FULL*

Mandy had never been canoeing before so Lou and I took her out to my favorite place to be on this sacred earth. Giving her the tools and know how, she took to this quite quickly. :0) as you can see.

(pics taken by sky from kayak)

There is nothing more beautiful than a smile or laugh as you know a connection has been made of some sort, be it between the persons own self , an experience, or another sentient being.
There need not even be words when this occurs, yet the communication is clear..."I feel good, and know what good feels like.".

I worry about the child who never, or even rarely smiles or laughs, you know something is seriously disconnected and broken then.

I'll never forget one memorable moment in time of just how early a disconnect with our environment can occur. I was at a mall one day, and saw a girl sitting down in the middle of a floor in one of the stores. The floor was dirty at first glance, but the girl was seemingly unconcerned, and busy looking beyond the dirt, wiping it off the pattern and colors.

I thought I was the only one that noticed floors *ha ha*;0) I watched as the mother proceeded to yank the girl to her feet, and to chastise her for it not being proper to be acting like *that,* she was getting her clothes dirty, etc. I thought how as children we get to be where we are through guidance from our elders, we are shaped via what we are told about ourselves, what we are told are our limits, what we can do, what we cannot do. Our self will either be nurtured, or stomped on, and into the dirt like on the floor the little girl was sitting on.

Weeeeeeeell me being me, (and I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing) the little girl looked at me becoming conscious now of being embarrassed by her mother, in a way she wasn't embarrassed about sitting on the floor prior, until her mom made her *aware* of it.

As the mother continued with her buisness in the store, I smiled at this girl and I said to her loud enough so that her mother could hear, something to the effect of " It's a beautiful floor isn't it? All the wonderful colors and patterns, and you should feel proud you saw what was underneath all the dirt, that you looked beyond the surface to find a treasure." She smiled at that, the mother of course scowled at me and pulled her kid out of the shop. Well at least the note ended on a smile from the kid.

Continuing with my story about Mandy, after canoeing for the day, it is nearing dark, time to call it a day/night, pack up and head back to the ranch. But...not before a few residents decide they like my kayak , can you spot all four of the dragons ;0)

When Mandy comes out she stays the week-end and likes to get her time in with the crew members here. They ALL love Mandy, and consider her family. Tibet is in 7th heaven when she sees Mandy, it is like they have always known each other, which is wild cause typically the wolves nowhere act as giddy with other people as they do with myself, as I raised them. Yet with Mandy, Tibet treats her the same as she treats me. Pretty amazing site to behold.

(These pics are almost three years old of Mandy with Tibet, though I have recent ones of her currently at 15, to this day these are my favorite ones, as it shows an innocence and purity that is not polluted and tainted by human made rules. It is stepping on the face of uncomfortable taboo. Need I say a whole lot with the following? )

( Uhm just a little to the right)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Living With Wolves

Namaste' all thanks for the wonderful comments thus far I REALLY appreciate them, next blog will be in the coming week here but wanted to bring to your attention this video Walt (the Keeper) sent, has footage of Jim dutcher and his wife when they lived with a pack of wolves. (Many would remember them being called the sawtooth pack, there are movies based on this Called Living with Wolves and also Wolves At Our Door) I know as soon as a I get a good video recorder I want to make some videos of my relationship with my own wildfriends. (Have my camera but the videos would not be as good as I want them to be) I literally had tears coming to my eyes with this video cause I felt it all. Thanks Walt, this truly was awesome as this is exactly the kind of love and devotion I have for the pack that reside here. This is truly a must see video ;0) I have both dvd's I mention above, and if you have not seen them they will truly warm your heart.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

In The Eyes Of A Child

Namaste' fellow Earth Aliens! on Dec. 27th 07 a new friend (artist) Judy Wood came out to the Ranch, I am always very excited to meet new people, so much so I can't sleep for a couple days prior in anticipation. Which is also funny because deep down within I am still that INCREDIBLY shy little girl.

Even better she was bringing along her grandson Mark, whom she was quick to point out that he was big for his age. These days though I walk into elementary schools the kids are bigger than my 5 foot 1 frame. ;0) So I expected a giant.

I couldn't wait to meet him! so I plastered him up a cast of one of the ambassador wolf's front paw print for him to remember his visit by. I tell people they are able to distinguish between a wild canid print and a domestic dogs print in the wild mainly through the single tracking. Wolves, foxes, and coyotes all single track meaning the back foot is placed in the front tracks. Dogs tracks are staggered (uneven and unsteady gait/movement) Thus their tracks will not appear as a single track. A Dogs chest is proportionally larger than a wolf's is, and the width of their stride is greater thus a dogs hind feet are placed beside their front.

(Pics of tracks made by one of the wolf's here.)

After Judy became lost in the county side, and after I broke a key off in the padlock that locks the front gates to the land (thank goodness for cell phones) she managed to finally find me, although I was locked in for the moment, so I had them come across and pile into my truck to drive them through the bush to the cabin. I fell in love of course with this precious child but then again I fall in love on a daily basis with so many things/people/ etc. and yup for being ten, he was pretty darn big. Think future line backer, that kid is drinking his milk!

I do not operate a conventional outreach, I grew up with my parents allowing me to *experience* life, they did not protect me from all the possibilities of simply living. I can say however I think they feared what orphaned or injured animal I would drag home next. At the same time they allowed me to be me, I loved ants, and frogs, grasshoppers, dragon flies, and name it didn't matter what type of animal or insect, I felt this overwhelming desire to touch it and understand it. To embrace it and it's fascinating world, so contrastingly different from my own.

(Pic taken of a doe by Sky)I knew what it was like to hold and bottle-feed a baby tiger, and bear when I was younger than Mark, the natural world was one I not only observed *but connected* with on a very deep emotional/physical and spiritual level. I got down at it's level and *participated* so it became a part of me.

(Pic taken of part of a lake/beaver dam that backs my land) The older I became the more society aound me tried to influence how I viewed such thing, by telling me spiders would bite me, that grasshoppers are pests, that frogs and toads will give you warts, snakes would kill you and on and on...but I have never walked a path someone else wanted me to, I realized early on that what I experienced was pure and I was not going to allow anyone no matter who they were, to *break* that connection and spirit shared.

I have a rule out here of certain age/height requirements, as to who may be able to interact with any of my friends, while also listening carefully and respectfully to the wolves themselves, for like people they will either like someone upon meeting them or they won't, sometimes they take awhile to think on it. I do not allow little kids in with any adult wolves, young children do not yet understand themselves yet, or how to control their own actions , let alone understand what a wolf may be saying to them.

But every child is different. One thing I am good at is understanding how the wolves feel at any moment in time through observing , their whiskers, their ears,their eyes, their lips, their tails, there is not one part of a wolf's body that is not communicating at *all* times. Their thoughts/intent/feelings are easily read. (Even in the wild if I am able to observe pack interaction I know what they are saying to each other, pretty wild )

(Pic taken by Sky of Dharma Windsong and Northern Lights Legend at WEV) If you understand wolf ecology they are easier to read than any human being, as humans have created various masks for themselves over time in different situations and circumstances as to not portray their true intent/feelings.

I am very protective and caring not only of the wolves but also any visitor and new friend I have ever met. If someone comes out and one of the wolves doesn't like the person, that is immediately known and also respected. Some feel sad that a certain favorite may not like them, but they are their own individuals and have their own reasons for this, reasons known only to them. I simply listen to them.

I have never forced the wolves here to be anything other than what they are ...wolves.

I do not try and make them into my dog , nor would that be right.

I allow them as pups to grow and explore and be themselves I do not discipline them for acting wolf.

(Pic taken by Sky of Legend in the fall trying to blend in with the furniture. ;0) Legend is an Arctic wolf, and though all wolves (minus the red wolf and ethiopian wolf) are classified taxonomically as *Gray Wolves* Legend is the subspecies canis lupus arctos. They are a rare subspecies in captivity, and are at risk in the wild. For more information on this special subspecies and all about arctic wildlife and wolves please visit my friend legends page on one of my main sites http://www.wolfechovalley.com/)A friendship that is built on respect and trust very early on is established.

(Thanks to Judy Wood for capturing these pics of me, without me knowing haha and my boy legend while here)

I know that what I do comes with criticism, such is life, no matter what one chooses to do there will be someone out there to criticize. I long ago accepted that this comes with the territory and work. But still it is quite rude when someone says " So why do you do this?" and it is the way it is said, as if they are alluding to something, (what did I say about people wearing many masks to hide intent? ;0) This is like me saying to someone who is a waitress or a lawyer "So why do you do this?"

Mark reminded me of a child not yet overly exposed to stories about wolves in a negative manner, he was very open and one of the most relaxed kids I have ever had out here. What a NATURAL sense of being around wildlife, in a way that cannot be taught.

For example I give everyone that comes out here guidance, to follow my direction at ALL times, and I stay close to them, it is but one reason I do not have large crowds out here because the intimacy is needed. My concentration cannot be on some person acting out not within my immediate site and control that could cause problems out here. Such a special meeting is not granted to everyone, it depends on many factors. But I know for those who have, they are changed in *some* way, unique and special to them.
(Thanks to Mark's Grandma Judy Wood for capturing me with Mark and legend.)
There are some that that despite given the right direction, are just not *natural* being around animals period, and this means even dogs and such. The wolves pick up on a persons body language very quickly whether they are comfortable or not, and these are the kinds of people I also do not allow to get up close and personal with the animals. I also want any visitors to observe the connection *I* have with these guys so they *trust* me and my expertise. I believe people feel this immediately upon meeting me.

I know were I to visit another facility doing what I do (and I have in the past) if the person is ignorant (lack of knowledge) lets just say no amount of coaxing could convince me to touch even a cat at their place. I believe in building bridges with people and to do that I simply come to the table with who I am and accept all that I meet in a caring manner.

The simple act of taking anothers hand, allows energy to communicate. For us to meet each other.

Mark experienced something that allowed him to connect with a particular animal, not common to connect with on such a level, thus not only did he walk away better educated, but also with an appreciation, reinforced openness and sensitivity to the plight of such a creature out in the wild.
He will be the type of boy that grows into a man, whom will not hold a pre-conceived prejudice, when this occurs, so does magic.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Songs of the captive /(wild)

(Photo above of Tibet Night Song at A Wolf Adventure; A Wild Insight)

The other morning was beyond words, I even hesitated writing about this experience cause it was well beyond words, but since that is how we ***typically*** communicate to the world for the most part, ***through words*** I'll do my best.

Early morning setting I step outside and hear only my darling tibet howling everyone else is silent, the sun is shining brilliantly sooo bright I glance to the side and see a flash of dark in front of my eyes for a second, I know I need glasses today! The snow is literally on fire with dazzling breath taking diamonds and sky so blue I wish I could swim in it. The trees all look like they have tinsel like at x-mas wrapped around them they are sparkling so bright.

I then hear tibet suddenly stop singing and in the distance but still on my land, by one of the private lakes I back out here , I hear a familiar sound, a haunting echo. This is no coyote shriek!! My mouth opens as the call stops and Tibet starts up to return the greeting to the wild lone wolf on my land. None of my other wolves are even joining in they are all listening too ! like they are content to witness the communication and not interrupt.
(Photo of Tibet Night Song howling)

Coyote songs are always abound and around up here but the wolves never respond to *them*in kind, they completely ignore them, I swear they think the yotes are a lesser form of themselves, talk about snobs eh? hahaha.

As Tibet calls back to the lone traveller, she then stops to eagerly await the wild wolfs song, and just as if perfectly timed he/she responds back in kind. I feel tears well up into my eyes. I cannot explain this feeling. It is witnessing my captive born friend tibet singing and communicating with a wild born lone wolf. It is nearing breeding season this time of year so the animal is no doubt searching for a mate, and pack of it's own. Tibet is by herself everyone else out here has a mate/enclosure friend. The two have bonded through all barriers one captive born one wild born.
Then as my awe, and amazement starts to settle I feel fear fear and dread for the animals very safety and well being. For you see out here where I live a gun is not that far away, many shoot wolves in the wild on sight, it is why I know the work I do educating youth is so important for they they can help to be the animals voice in the future and continue where I may leave off someday.

I pray little lone wolf you will be safe, that you will outsmart those beings who feel they are the smartest of the smart, that you will stay in the shadows during the day and not come into the light to be taken out of this beautiful world simply out of fear and hatred , ignorance can wreak so much havoc. I worry for you this sunny day and will continue to. If only everyone could truly understand you and your world, and not judge what you are about. For those moments of song that you shared with a little captive born wolf I shall never forget they will linger forever in my soul. Thank you for the honor of listening to your song , lone wolf traveller gods speed on your journeys for a wild born life is one of enduring hardship. That I do know.

I walk over to Tibet and she howls at me, which launched into crying, whining, darting her tongue in submission and putting her paw up in a friendship, to greet my own. I sat with her, she kisses me in delight, and though I am saddened she can never be truly free, as captivity is all she has ever known, I also know her life will never be as hard as her lone wolf friend. She will never have to face going hungry, being hunted. dying of parasitic infections, or being displaced due to encroachment on habitat. Quite ironically she is free... but not. Just as the little lone wild wolf is free... but not. Both worlds have their pros and cons, both worlds on the edge.
Metta fellow earth travellers
(Photo of Tibet Night Song with a message)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bear encounters of the close kind

Today as I was biking I came upon some bear tracks, of course I just had to jump off my bike to look at them vowing to go back and take some pictures , and plaster them so as to add them to my collection of wild life tracks ;0) As I looked around I could see she had two bear cubs with her, and I couldn't help but wonder how she has managed to stay alive all this time since there are so many gun happy people around the countryside

All sorts of thoughts popped into my head since my last too close for comfort bear encounter on my own land, while out walking one day. I have a bear bell on my bike mind you, but still, a couple of bear cubs and a mother bear *yikes* something to truly watch out for.

I started yelling "here bear bear bear" since the prints were quite fresh.
I tracked the prints to a field next to my land, I hopped on my bike and continued on down towards the river yelling "here bear bear bear" , ha ha ha, the old timing locals woud have thought I was nuts if they saw me no doubt. But I wasn't going to just rely on my bear bell this time ;0) (I should note that bears in my area when they see people they RUN, if you allow them the graces to know you are coming, they tend to get out of your way, thus me making noise. So no I was not calling the bear to serve myself up like dinner ;0)
I got to the river where I have spotted this same bear a couple times along the waters edge, but she was not there.

I sat down to watch the water flowing, birds singing aloud around me. I tried to clear my mind of all the chatter but today was not the day for that I guess, so I let it envelope me and I absorbed it instead, and perhaps learn from the chatter for the moment.
I thought how life goes by so very fast, before we can blink it seems we have fast forwarded 5 years, ten, and so on.
The present becomes the future in a literal milli second. We are so busy working, trying to forge a living for ourselves we sometimes forget to actually live. We can become so busy worrying about what another is doing, or not doing, the latest gossip, the latest trends to wear, trying to keep up with the next door neighbours, wondering if we are too fat or too thin, too old, too wrinkled, too beautiful, too ugly, too good for others, not good enough.
We forget to just breathe, and genuinely care about ourselves, look in our own backyards and focus on inner being.
There's barely time in a day to do all the necessary things to survive without worrying and sweating the petty superficial stuff that comes along daily.
There have been times I have cared so much about what others may say about me, and it hurt to hear of untruths for I pride myself in being a good person, so mean things said could make me cry so easily. But then I think to myself I was raised to be my own drummer, to always follow my own path regardless of others holding up yield and stop signs along the way. "Be true to yourself Skylar" I was told, and be all you can be, meet and beat your personal best.
I am only granted this very moment in time, I am not even granted the next five minutes or tomorrow, so live...live freely and give freely. I am a free spirit that will never be captured nor tamed.
Every morning I allow my spirit and heart to be awakened, and I do not try to deny any feelings that may come. I accept all of whom I am, and embrace such as being part of who I am. I do not fight that which may be a natural part of my being. Be it pain, be it sadness, be it elation, be it anger. Only when I embrace all parts of me, can I truly understand how to live with myself in a balanced way, and live in harmony in the world that surrounds me. I trust in and have confidence in my true nature. I have trust and confidence in who I am.
I was asked once how I cope and deal with pain (sadness etc) .
Pain will always be there with us , we must turn towards it and relax within it's depths in order to live with it. It is the fighting we do to rid ourselves of it, to resist the pain itself and try to deaden it that helps to keep the chronic ache within. When we embrace the pain and make it not the enemy, we find the pain lessens in our hearts. We resist so much of that which is a natural part of ourselves and hear how it must be wrong or bad or give ourselves time limits on how long we should mourn , or feel anger, we hear get over it, grow up, each individuals pain is as unique as the person themselves, there can be no time limits on such things.
I think some may be scared of just letting go and not having the anger or pain as a constant companion anymore.
On one hand a person may say I do not want this anymore, I do not want to feel this way anymore , on the other hand they do not know what they would do without it they have grown so used to and accustomed to feeling that way, they are scared of change. Hmm well who says mind chatter can't be a good thing sometimes. Metta my friends.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Monks,Wolves and Bears Oh My!

Namaste' Fellow earth aliens, I am sorry to report Patti's brothers body was found not a few days after my last blog. I as well as Patti believe it was at least a small blessing he was found. We think his young son who also drowned years prior, helped in that recovery. The night before he was found, we were sitting with the monks during a nightly meditation get together, prayers were sent and all I felt was *peace* the entire time...and then a huge rainbow came out amidst a storm that had been occurring that day.

I took a picture of this and placed a picture of Tibet howling on it and I put (In the Midst of A Storm Look For theRainbow) I know at times in all our lives it is very hard to see through the pain, tears, and turmoil, but the miracles are STILL occurring, the blessings are still touching us, if we allow them to. I honestly believe we are all energy and spirit carried by precious vessels, our body, for whatever time is gifted to us, and that Patti's brother is definitely still among us.

The relationship is still there, but is just *different*now, than the one we may have known so well before, the more physical parts of any relationship where we can hug, and feel, and touch another. But we can still talk to our loved one, we can still laugh with our loved one, we can still continue to live and laugh with, and for them.

July was one of those months where temps. never seemed to go below 30 degrees HOT for here. Lets just say the monks when they arrived at WEV they were as white as one can be, but when they left...they looked to be of another color altogether , lets hope their moms recognized them hahaha ;0) As far as words to describe this experience, some things in life have no words,and July was one of those things with the monks. Every day I felt myself growing/evolving within myself, pushing all that I know. How do you find words to explain such changes? They are so intimate and personal. They truly showed me up close and personal, how little we truly all NEED to be content in life.

They did not reside at any grand palace while here, they had tents over looking a beautiful little lake, we made them a homemade nicely built outdoor shower system, and outhouse one of a few on the land.
Also overlooking the lake

They could trek an hour through the forest bush, to the river to bathe. We took them swimming at my favorite all time place, Kingsmere Lake. Monks swimming you ask? YES, but they swim in their robes, they take down the top part of the robes to the waist. Pics here are of after the swim at the river with an older buddhist friend with two of the three monks as it is not respectful to photograph monks when they bathe or swim, and when their robe is not at least on one shoulder

Needless to say everywhere we stopped with them, like at subway for example, people wondered why these men were dressed in blankets! Hahahahahaha. But one day when we took them swimming at Kingsmere, we walked past a few people in the forest on a trek back, and we heard a lady say "OH MY MONKS! you got monks!" We all looked at each other and laughed, including the three monks, it became an ongoing joke here at WEV of "we got monks!" so much so I was tempted to paint that on my truck ;0)

The monks also experienced a young bears hospitality on the land. The very first night a bear visited the monks in their tents, the poor bear realized humans were there and took off through the bush! but not before leaving a deposit within a few feet of one of the monks tent! he /she continued to visit from a far for the month. We joked that the young bear was needing spiritual guidance, so the lead monk said *go west young bear*

We have retired using the wood stove/fireplace for heating the cabin this winter and installing a grain stove instead. Using the wood has been an experience for quite a few years now, but it takes weeks of precious prep time first to go into the fire burnt forests (as I refuse to take healthy wood down) and using fire burnt wood from forest fires, it is MESSY work!!! you get it all over your clothes and body, then blocking and stacking wood for the wood shed.

(pic of the house dog pookie who yup helps to raise any wolf pups ;0) lying on the old wood stove, and the grain stove installed (new update and pic added this winter 08' the grain stove has not reached full heat yet in the pic, but the flame gets BIG and it pumps out a lot of heat for this lil cabin)
I am excited to be using the grain to heat with this winter, luckily the province is rich in such resources. Half of this province may be all forest but half of the province has a whole heck of a lot of grain, and that is a good thing!
The meditation platform was built and completed while the monks were here,

and the seperation pen mostly finished just the gates need done and the link put up, all the ground wire for dig proofing is laid out and covered up, the rest will be done before first snow fall end of October. There's been a a zillion different projects on the go,whilst also preparing for the cold months just around the corner already, at night we are hitting near freezing temps sometimes...wow.

Eco is sooooo big now she weighs close to 50 pounds at 4 months of age, she knows she's a big girl and a pretty one at that, she is a typical wolf pup tying to get away with as much as she can. I of course am as leniant as is possible , in the wild wolf pups get away with a lot, and are free to go where they want pretty much doing/exploring, just *being* she needs to find and discover all she is. She is sooo sweet but of course has her deviant moments, always full of life and expression, she reminds me that everyday there is something new to discover. As a child I would pick rocks up like she does, just so that I could hold them, she wants to put her mouth on everything!!! and taste everything, do you remember the first time tasting mud pies as a child? well I DO!!! it is hilarious to see the things she tries to put into her mouth only to spit it out again! Of course I am a little protective and don't allow her to do anything that may harm her physical well being.

She certainly rebels against authority right now
She enjoys her daily outings and hikes through the forest , all the many sights and sounds to a young pup, it is a delight to watch her and share in such amazing and exciting moments and firsts. She visits with the adult wolves every day, and has adopted them all as her moms and dads, too cute. She will reside in the puppy pen but for a couple more months then end of october she will be transfered into one of the big habitats, all this has secured her to be vey handleable as an adult, for the rest of her life,the socialization and time spent with her the past few months will pay off. She is turning into a well rounded young wolf who is happy and content, and living in a non stressful environment.
I am going through another spiritual transition yet again, and those are always exciting and scary and wondrous. So, a challenge to you all. This week allow something/someone/some experience to absolutely take your breath away, in such a way there are no words. Allow it to embrace you and fill you with it's blessings. Then turn this into a peace and stillness within your soul. Till then, and being I am gifted to live more moments to write again. Be well...metta

Picture of one of the monks gazing into the river here, and building the meditation platform at WEV

Pictures of the monks with their bowls. One of the bowls you will notice is not blackened yet that is because it has not been fired up. After a certain amount of time of being a monk, their bowl is taken and fired up in a HUGE outdoor fire. The monks only eat one ceremonial meal a day in the morning, (thus when I took this picture) and those bowls are filled right up :0) It is disrespectful to take any pictures of the monks eating, such as in swimming so I waited. The last picture is the monks on the land as I am their guide.

red riding hood go to school?

Today as I went in to play with Tibet, she came running over to me with her typical and usual greeting, (that is when she's having a good day and not ill, luckily the good still outweigh the bad.) She was belly crawling, peeing, crying (speaking), showing me affection, tongue darting, ears back, eyes averted submissively I cannot help but wonder about the stories I grew up with such as *Peter And The Wolf* *Little Red Riding Hood* and other similar stories. I laugh and picture Tibet as the big bad wolf in such a novel, but of course cannot. I teach children that wolves are neither what they hear in the bed time stories and around the campfires, nor are they the typical family dog and pet companion. Wolves are their own type of animal as unique and individual as so many of us humans are, they have different personalities, and temperaments, they show their displeasure and happiness, they show their sadness and let you know when they are ill and down. Wolves are a predatorial animal but they are not the blood thirsty night stalkers just waiting to grab a child or adult out of their beds.
They are highly misunderstood, made into something they are not, nor ever were. They are neither devils nor saints, they just are. I do not view Tibet as something I *own* the way I own my truck, or my clothes, I see her as a free thinking and even doing for the most part individual spirit that has to be respected at all times, whose needs and wants need to be heard and understood in order for there to be a bond and friendship. Due to licensing restrictions she is not allowed to run freely on the land, even though this would be the best scenario, (and oh I would ;0) if COMPLETELY isolated on an island somewhere hahaha) for she would not run way from home like a husky might, due to her bond with me, and the other wolves, but in her journeys she could get shot out here. To keep everyone happy and safe, including keeping the respect by respecting other neighbours in the county side, when not in her habitat she is on lead on the dense forest trails with me exploring life. She is not my dog, my dog is content to always just do for me just because she wants to please me, listen to me, do as I say, crawl into my lap and watch late night movies contentedly with me without fretting. She (my dog) does not seem as complex to try and understand.

Tibet will crawl into my lap alright, but she most certainly would not stay there for the duration of a movie, while relaxing on the couch, in fact the couch would be fair game to rip apart! She would have much better things to do like searching for dish rags to eat, garbage to get into, kitchen tables to leap onto and use as a spring board to surf onto the kitchen counters, and then onto the fridge in search of the next new thing to find , and take apart to see it's inner workings. I sometimes think how most people I know must think surely I must be crazy for enduring some of the crazy antics I have over the years. Crazy? who knows, maybe... I must admit I am *in love* though. It is a love story that has taken me from peaks of highs to the very depth of lows. My heart has cried, and it has sang on this amazing journey, for I know not many have the privelage of living with wolves. For anyone who says it's no big deal, anyone could do it. Yes anyone could take a wild animal and do this, does not mean they *understand* how to do it *right*

I know one day I will no longer hear that song that envelopes my entire being when I hear it, when I will be old and grey in a rocking chair and looking back going ahhhh What a ride that was!! while reminiscing over old photographs, and watching old videos of myself with creatures so feared, hated and loved. I will always treasure these times, these journeys still unfolding daily, close to my heart for that will never disappear. I am sure in my last breath on this beautiful miracle planet, there will be scenes played out of these experiences and faces of these beautiful animals to see me into my next journey. I can only pray the wild wolfs song will continue to be sung underneath the heavens and silver moon, that their spirits will continue to dance with the northern lights that watch over them, tenderly a dance that is older than time.