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Be Most Welcome Here

Be Most Welcome Here
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Monday, March 3, 2008

Movie: Maiden and the wolves

Namaste' all it's been a while I am coming off a three week stint with influenza ;0) with a wildlife rehab test coming up in a weeks time, while still having to *live* beyond the sick ha ha, blogging was not on the list of high importance. I have a new personal post I will be adding, as soon as I resize the photos to accompany that story, but first wanted to get this movie out there (The Maiden And The Wolves) to you all! I definitely want to see this movie! even though yes, it's a foreign language. I am sure it will eventually come out with subtitles. The imagry is spectacular, you will thoroughly enjoy going through the youtube makings of this movie and other fascinating clips/trailers etc I am including in this blog post. Big shout out to Mike, he's such an amazing wolf news guy. Personally I was too caught up in the scenes to care that I couldn't understand a word they were saying. Well ok, I admit I could understand a few of the words, ;0)

On another note in regards to the movie Surviving with Wolves, I posted about in another blog, the author has admitted the story was mostly made up, read here http://www.reuters.com/article/peopleNews/idUSL2914170420080229?pageNumber=2&virtualBrandChannel=0&sp=true

You can watch this movie online however by downloading this torrent http://www.box.net/shared/jugq7dew48 I'll let you know if it comes out on dvd with subtitles.

Now onto the blog!

At the end of World War 1, 20 year-old Angèle is determined to become the first woman veterinarian. Her life is an adventurous one and she becomes the object of ruthless rivalry between the man she is supposed to marry, a visionary but unscrupulous industrialist and a simple man who has withdrawn to the mountains to live among wolves, away from the madness of humans. Angèle exploits this rivalry to attain her real goal: saving the wolves.

( pics at) http://www.filmsdistribution.com/film.php?id=297

Trailer: http://www.lajeunefilleetlesloups-lefilm.com/

Must watch: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3zaqp_la-jeune-fille-et-les-loups_shortfilms

Making of "La jeune fille et les loup" (youtube video)

must see clip !

More-in-depth synopsis:
Producer-turned-helmer Gilles Legrand (“Malabar Princess”) returns to the French Alps for his sophomore feature, “The Maiden and the Wolves,” a ripping Gallic yarn that should match or exceed the robust figures of its predecessor in Francophone countries after Feb. 13 opening. Bewitching, lushly produced pic casts French pinup Laetitia Casta as a feisty Edwardian-era femme whose fate becomes entangled with that of the last wild wolf pack on
Mont Blanc.

“Wolves” could roam further afield, especially to France’s neighboring countries, but any farther and it will probably need to be tamed with dubbing to reach kiddie markets.
Not long before World War I, in a French Alpine town near the Italian border, a pack of slaughtered wolves is delivered to local taxidermist Leon (Patrick Chesnais). A surviving black cub comes down from the mountains looking for his family, and is saved from discovery and certain death by Leon’s young daughter Angele, who releases him back into the wild.

The Great War comes and goes, making local foundry owners the Garcins rich. Family patriarch Albert Garcin (Michel Galabru), who happens to be Angele’s godfather, has given a free lifetime’s lease of a shack in the hills to a gypsy woman (played in flashbacks by Elisa Tovati in which she’s seen, literally, having dances with wolves on stage). Her son Guiseppe (Stefano Accorsi), who appears to be slightly mentally handicapped, guards the wolves he’s befriended up there, especially the black pack leader he calls Carbone.

Now grown, Angele wants to become a veterinarian specializing in wild animals, despite the fact that everyone scoffs at the idea of a woman vet. In search of experience, she hooks up with circus owner Zhormov (Miglen Mirtchev), who’s keen to capture a wolf from the mountains above her hometown.

Unfortunately, Zhormov’s plane crashes in the snow and he must leave an injured Angele behind while seeking help. Recognizing her smell from his days as a pup, Carbone rescues her with his pack, and she falls into the care of Guiseppe.
Script (credited to helmer Legrand, Philippe Vuaillat and Jean Cosmos) satisfyingly knits all the story strands together by the end. Although largely family-friendly, pic does contain a scene where Angele bares a breast for art’s sake, and adult themes are lightly touched on via mentions of illegitimate children and the suggestion that Guiseppe might ravage Angela at any moment.
Kids of all ages, however, will adore the animal scenes here, which feature some of the finest lupine thesping ever committed to celluloid. (Moments in versions of “White Fang” or "The Call

of the Wild” might compare if the creatures there weren’t merely half-dog, half-wolf crosses.) A sequence in which young Carbone has to defend himself against a bird of prey is a particular knockout. The human perfs aren’t bad either, although a little hammy in places.

Legrand’s helming rattles along at a breathless clip, and the whole thing looks like a treat, thanks to a rock-solid tech package.


Stacey Huston said...

Hello Sky,
Glad to see you posting again :)
This movie looks like it could be a goodone, but only if it has subtitles for me.. Best go for now, going to see if I can find more on the bird of prey scene you mentioned LOL

Juliette Wer said...

You are living my dreams, girl. I used to write stories about people who live with the wolves all the time when I was a child. "Surviving with the wolves" sounds interesting too. Juliette x

Anonymous said...

Its always a pleasure to read you - sorry - read your blog - I can always see your world thru your lovely eyes :)

I have a very special website now - http://10bananas.com - a place to find blog posts which will make ppl Go Bananas! Why not submit one of your cool and sexy posts :)

Love and more.

The Sparrow

TOM said...

Glad you are feeling better!!

Walt said...

Oh, I never want to be that sick again! It is so good to know that you are feeling better too.